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    you can ask any question related to mortgage

    Doesn’t matter if you are a first time buyer, have good credit or poor credit, we got you covered. The good news is there are a lot of mortgage programs available for those who have poor credit scores

    Our goal is to have your loan ready for closing as soon as possible! Generally the items that take the longest to receive are things such as appraisal and the title work and the conditions that you need to provide with us. We will want to get the appraisal and title work ordered as soon as possible to avoid any delays. If you are purchasing a new home, we will do our best to meet the date you and the seller have agreed upon. 

    Capacity– Can you repay the debt? We will ask for employment information including your previous occupations, how long you have worked and how much you earn. Essentially we are verifying that your current job situation and income levels are stable. 

    Credit History– Will you repay the debt? We will look at your past credit history to see how much you owe, how often you borrow, you pay bills on time? 

    Capital– Do you have enough cash to meet the down payment requirements associated with your pending mortgage, closing costs, taxes, and insurance. Will you use your last penny on purchasing your home? 

    Collateral– Will we be fully protected if you fail to repay the loan? We must be sure the property you are buying is sufficient to back up the loan.