Private Mortgage: Everything You Need To Know

In this article, we will discuss the private mortgages, private mortgage consultants in Surrey, how they work, and who can benefit from them. This is a mortgage where the private mortgage advisors do not sell the mortgage to a secondary market. It is not publicly traded and remains in the lender’s control.

Private mortgage: What is it?


Private mortgage loans are mainly used to buy a home that isn’t the primary residence of the borrower. A private mortgage is a type of mortgage that is usually not offered by banks or other major lending institutions. The borrower must have enough credit score to qualify for the private mortgage.

A private mortgage is a type of home loan in which the lender repays the borrower in periodic payments over a specific time. Private mortgages are a type of mortgage that is not guaranteed or insured by a government.

Let’s jump into the advantages of a Private Mortgage

 There are many advantages of owning a private mortgage, Private Mortgages are usually subject to less stringent qualification standards than traditional mortgages and can be approved quickly.

Here are some key benefits for the private mortgage consultant surrey:

  • Approval Process is Simple and Quick: The first advantage is that it has a short and quick approval process. A private mortgage approval process is much quicker than applying for a conventional mortgage. As compared to other mortgages, approval can take place in hours or days as opposed to weeks or even months
  • No credit score required: A private mortgage is a type of mortgage that does not require your credit score. You can take out this type of loan to buy a house, even if you have bad credit.

In the current scenario, many people have been denied from borrowing from banks due to their low credit scores. But for a private mortgage, no credit score is needed.

  • No income verification required: Private mortgages are also not affected by the borrower’s income level, which means anyone can apply for one. That’s why it’s a good choice for those with a bad credit history or those who don’t have any history of borrowing at all.
  • Quick closing: There are a few requirements that the borrower needs to fulfill to qualify for the loan. The most interesting benefit of the private mortgage is that the closing process can be quick and efficient.

Private Mortgage vs Traditional Mortgage: Which one is the best?

It’s a common misconception that a Private Mortgage is more expensive than a Traditional Mortgage. In reality, the two types of mortgages are priced differently and both offer different benefits.

Let’s walk through the difference between these two kinds of mortgages to help you make up your mind on which one is best for you.

Traditional Mortgage: These mortgages are also known as “conventional loans”. These are often granted by banks and financial institutes. The lender has little influence over the underwriting requirements, he must adhere to certain rules.

Most borrowers prefer these loans because of the lower interest rates, but they can be time-consuming to apply for and can take up to 60 days (or more) to complete.


Highlighted features of Traditional Mortgage are:

Lower mortgage rates are available on the market. In traditional mortgages, rules and interest rates are to be set by the authorities, so lenders have to follow only the procedures and formalities.


Time-consuming: Since it requires long formalities and includes a specified procedure, it would consume time on the behalf of both parties.


Lower risk: Traditional mortgages are followed in the particular procedure and borrowers have to submit the guarantees and security so, it includes less risk.


Long-term: Traditional mortgages provide long-term period loans, up to two decades or more.


Private Mortgage: Private lending is a practice that is not underwritten by any third party or authorities’ rules. These are more flexible than other lending services.

When the property being financed does not fit conventional lending requirements, a private lender can help.


Highlights features for the Private mortgage:

Approved and funded quickly: In recent years the process of the private mortgage is approved quickly and funded easily. The approval process for these types of mortgages usually takes about two weeks or less. After approval, the funds will be available within five business days.


Not specific guidelines: A private mortgage is a form of personal debt that is not regulated by any specific lending guidelines, making it much riskier for a lender.

A private mortgage is always available for borrowers who are not able to secure a loan from traditional lenders. It has its own set of guidelines that are different from the conventional one.


Higher down payment: A private mortgage is a mortgage loan that is not backed by any government agency. This type of mortgage is typically used for properties with high purchase prices.

The down payment is usually much higher than in the conventional lending guidelines.

A private mortgage is a good option for large investments further it is helpful in first-time investments. To apply for the Private Mortgage, you will need the following Consult Pro First Mortgage in Abbotsford, Canada.